RollerDerby Octane 7000 Pro

RollerDerby Octane 7000 Pro
Item# rd_elite_octane
Rink Price: $289.00
Our Price: $239.00

Product Description

Our NEW INNOVATIVE HIGH PERFORMANCE Chassis engineered for High Intensity Speed and Durability with a slick MIRRATEC finish. The Octane 7000 Pro will get you in front of the pack and keep you there. The right combination to make you the one to look out for in every competition.


»7000 Series ALUMINUM Plates- Advanced Strength, and Ultra Light Weight. Maximum Performance.


»PRO SET Aluminum Trucks w/Micro Adjustable settings

»True Demential pro axles. You will feel the the precise action immediately.

»POWER POUR-VECTRA PRO URETHANE Cushions. Available in 3 hardnesses 81A–85A—90A. Vectors custom cushions have Real Time rebound. You will feel the difference.



»Aluminum Pro Action Bolt, with Real-Time Micro Click Precision Adjustment feature

»5/8 Adjustable Toe Stop Fixture. Tight-Lock Toe Stop channel.

Note: Plate to boot sizing will vary. My opinions and my reccomendations are for a more standard (sport) mount which will give you proper placement of the wheels under the ball and ankle bone when mounted properly. Derby and Slower shuffle skaters may want to go down one size for more responsiveness while jam skaters should go up one or two sizes to get proper toe plug placement for jam skating spins and footwork.

Example: a size 11 boot takes a 7.25 plate but jam skaters need a 7.75 to get the plate to the end of the boot while Derby may want a 7.00 for the faster turning response.

If you are unsure, please go to the contact me link on the top of the page and email or call for advise.