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Radar Presto

Radar Presto
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Product Description

Introducing the Presto wheel! Featuring the all-new Tiger 2 piece Dynamic Core hub and Neothane urethane, the Presto sets a new standard for performance. Instead of having a single hollow cavity, the Tiger has channels, which offer support under every part of the wheel’s surface while keeping it extremely light. The result is a fast and aggressive ride. The Presto offers the previously unattainable combination of lightness, speed, grip, and controlled stops.


“Presto wheels help me fly around the track! I can grip the corners at a moment's notice. These are the perfect wheels.”

Annie Maul, Kansas City Roller Warriors

“The most versatile wheel I've put on my feet. They have fantastic roll on sport court, wood and concrete.”

Rachel Rotten, Angel City Derby Girls

“I’m not sure what they put in the urethane, but it had an amazing balance of grip and slide, which is very important to me. Performance was great on both slippery and grippy tracks. Two thumbs up for the light weight!”

Short Stop, Canberra Roller Derby, Team Australia

“I love this wheel! I've been skating on it everywhere - concrete, sport court, and wood. Presto has great control and agility while not sacrificing speed. The Presto gives me the response I crave, while keeping me light and agile.” Ballistic Whistle, Southern Discomfort Roller Derby, Team England

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