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Labeda Pro Line

Labeda Pro Line
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Rink Price: $429.00
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Product Description

Our king pin is made of 7000 Series Aluminum; it is lighter than and twice as strong as standard mild steel pins. Due to our special angle geometry it sees less stress than other skates which makes it less prone to breaking.

Adjustment of the truck assembly is by a micrometer. You first loosen the tapered locking screw and by rotating the micrometer nut one mark at a time, either compresses or relaxes the cushions by .001 inch.

The axle in our truck is the hardest, toughest and truest of all axles made held to the tightest of tolerances.

The truck pivot pin is nestled in a porous bronze, oil for life, bearing.

The trucks adjustment is done from the top, therefore you will never have to loosen or tighten the king pin or locking nut again, which eliminates the major cause of why king pins break

Our base plate is made from 7000 Series Aircraft Aluminum which makes it very strong but extremely light.

The truck geometry is the most precise and quickest turning skate ever.

Mounting slots to adjust the location of the skate on the boot for optimum performance.

Note: Plate to boot sizing will vary. My opinions and my reccomendations are for a more standard (sport) mount which will give you proper placement of the wheels under the ball and ankle bone when mounted properly. Derby and Slower shuffle skaters may want to go down one size for more responsiveness while jam skaters should go up one or two sizes to get proper toe plug placement for jam skating spins and footwork.

Example: a size 11 boot takes a 7.25 plate but jam skaters need a 7.75 to get the plate to the end of the boot while Derby may want a 7.00 for the faster turning response.

If you are unsure, please go to the contact me link on the top of the page and email or call for advise.